Making Progress

It has been a busy week. I have already fulfilled several orders and have more to go so a big THANK YOU to everyone for your support.

I have been taking advantage of some down time and practicing away. I was able to make a sample of a one dozen cupcake bouquet in purples and blues. They are on a base wrapped in tissue paper, a bow, and covered in a clear protective bag.




This is a smaller version of a “Baker’s Half Dozen” bouquet I made last week.




I had an order for a half dozen boxed pinks; my favorite colors!

All boxed orders come tied with three strands of complimentary colored ribbon and have a see through top.

I have several Valentine orders, so for the week, I just made the flowers and will apply on freshly made cupcakes. I am finding that it is better to pre make the flowers so they have a chance to harden. To put them directly onto the cupcake makes them look more wilted.




Here is a sample of this weeks blooms.

Purple and white…








Pinks and reds…


DSC01692 (2)


And I color I cannot name. I made it out of all the leftover cream because I can’t waste it!




This is a current shot of my kitchen table. Thank goodness the holidays are over or I’d be in trouble. Fortunately I still have my island space…




If you would like to place an order for “MUFFIECAKES” please email me at or message me on Facebook or Instagram. I offer boxes of six and twelve, or bouquets of seven and twelve. Larger orders may also be ordered on a per quote basis. I look forward to hearing from you!



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