My Latest Creations

March came “in like a lion” and is not letting up! LOTS of birthdays and St. Patricks Day left Hubby and I  (yes, he helps bake!)  very busy creating. I put my baking skills to the test by making my first cakes ever. I think they came out great but it is a lot more work than making cupcakes. The trickiest part was to stabilize the layers, but I invented a special way to do so…..



These are two of the results- the first for a 27th party


…and this one for a surprise 60th


These were all the flowers I made for the 60th cake. I wanted tones of blush and peach, which would be complimented by the brown of the chocolate.

After using every single one of them, I didn’t realize how heavy a cake can be. It was very challenging to deliver, but all went well.

These were made for a surprise  male 80th birthday party

And then were arranged into a bouquet for a nice presentation

I made a box of 48 minis for a ladies luncheon

I had a lot to choose from.


This batch was made from the same flowers

This was a tray of more minis that I made just to experiment. I love the minis! They look so pretty when bunched together.

Whenever I am finished making my orders, I will take the extra buttercream, if any, and make “fillers” such as leaves, because they are always needed.

This was an order for the local library. They were having a raffle and the prize was three boxes of pink/purple/chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

These were a gift – a box of six that I added confetti into the box to add more color

And now I am getting ready for Holidays and spring- pastels, baskets galore. If you wish to place an order for any occasion, I am reachable by email at or go to my Instagram or Facebook and private message me. I look forward to hearing from you!





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