My Paternal grandfather was the Lead Architect for the City of New York Department of Marine and Aviation. I grew up playing with architectural models, drafting tools and blueprints that were really blue. Pier 42 in Manhattan, Gimbels Department stores, City Of the Future at The World’s Fair, LaGuardia and JFK airports are some of my “Pop Pop’s” greatest designs.What an inspiration he was! At about age 9 he bought me my first set of oil paints complete with easel, canvas and brushes. Everything I created was hung on the walls, no matter how bad or good. In high school I was voted “Most Artistic”. I applied to, and was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I studied Textile Design. Fine Art turned into a love of interiors, so that led to my enrollment at the New York School of Interior Design. In 1994, I passed the NCIDQ exam and was elated to be able to call myself a Licensed Interior Designer.  In 1989 I opened the retail design studio  “Interior Details Inc.” I practiced Residential as well as Commercial work, and have been published a number of times. I also have participated in three of the Hudson River Designer Showhouses in Nyack, NY.  I am incredibly excited to have my new retail location in Tuxedo Park NY and I look forward to creating more beautiful spaces in the future.

Art class in high school

Just one more thing….Another passion of mine is the art of DRESSAGE or as some like to call it “Dancing with your horse”. I own and ride a beautiful Dutch Warmblood horse named Amor.. I have lots of “horsey” friends , so expect to see a little of horse related posts. Somehow I will make the connection.



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  1. Thank you for the wonderful blog you write, a FB friend directed me here. We overlap in our tastes and our interests, you and I.
    Equipment of Culture http://www.EofC.com is our artist-owned mosaic and tile business and we raise Dutch Warmbloods and German Riding Ponies. We make the awards for KWPN-NA and a couple of other breed registries. http://www.EofC.com/blog We also paint in the style of eighteenth century Sevres Porcelain. http://www.OilonPorcelain.com. I think you’ll like our art and I’d be delighted to discuss design with you.
    Richard Moss


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